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Sinai Peninsula

The salt produced from the Sinai salinas enjoys a high degree of purity, as the governorate has an environmental and natural distinction, as its beaches are exposed to sunlight throughout the year, as well as good soil completely far from sources of pollution of all kinds.

Sea salt

The nutritional value of sea salt and table salt are about the same as they are both primarily sodium chloride. Table salt is more processed than sea salt to eliminate minerals and usually contains an additive such as silicon dioxide to prevent clumping.


Siwa Oasis

The salinity of rock salt ranges from 98 to 99.3%, while the salinity in other countries reaches 95 and 97%, and the moisture in it does not exceed 1%, while it reaches 5% in the salt of other countries, and the percentage of salinity in it is higher than the salinity of sea water By 5%, which makes it a savings in using it to melt the snow of Europe and America by half, instead of using 7 tons to melt a kilometer of roads, it uses only 4 of Siwa salt.


All Kind Of Salt

We are specialized in exporting all kinds of salt with high quality and good prices includes marine salt – food salt – de- icing salt – road salt -Industrial salt – raw salt etc..

Sea Salt

Washed Coarse Marine Salt (NaCl 98-98, 50%)
Tablet Salt and Block Salt For Water Softening (NaCl 99, 50% Min)
Packed in Double Bags
(P. P. P. E. Inside) Palletized/or in Slings of One Ton.

Rock Salt

Rock Salt (NaCl 97-99%). (0-6 mm)
Raw Coarse Marine Salt For De-Icing (NaCl 96-97%) Old Production.
Crushed Raw Salt (0-5 mm) For De-Icing.

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