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Agricultural industry

Such as the magnesium sulfate salt, which is used as agricultural fertilizer.

Food Industries

Such as sodium chloride salt, which is used in the dairy industry, and table salt

Chemical industries

Such as the sodium sulfate salt which is used in dry industrial detergents, paper and glass industries and the sodium chloride salt which is used in the manufacture of soda ash, chlorine and sodium hydroxide.

Medical Industry

Such as sodium chloride salt that is used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical solutions, intravenous solutions, and dialysis solutions.

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Personal hygiene

  • Workers who deal or have contact with the products should keep their hands and exposed parts of their arms clean.
  • Workers must wear clean uniform, while maintaining a high degree of personal hygiene, and fully adhering to good [proper] hygiene practices while working, to prevent contamination of food products.
  • Workers who deal with food products must not wear jewelry and other personal belongings while working and adhere to the applicable health policy.

Health practices for workers

  • Use a head covering to cover all hair.
  • Wearing clean uniform that cover all hair areas of the body while handling products and raw materials.
  • Not to wear jewelry or watches.
  • Not to use perfumes with a strong smell
  • No personal belongings.
  • Not to chew gum, eat foods, or smoke except in places designated for that.
  • Keeping health belongings in places far from the areas of operations
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