Block Salt

Why suffer with the complications bad salt can present?

Be in salt Agency has an assortment of salt kinds that can improve your busniss
block salt
Egypt. Damitta

Block Salt

With a variety of formulas from Block salt, and others, they can improve your water’s taste and quality. Solar salt crystals are a natural alternative to treating hard water and help soften without any additives.

Raw salt

Raw salt purification
Several means are used to purify raw salt in Egypt according to its uses:
The first method is washing and the product is known as refined salt.
The second method is evaporation and the product is known as crystallized salt.

Sea Salt

natural sea salt is not available everywhere, but you must search for it and focus at that on the fact it has been mentioned on the package that it is 100% natural and has been dried naturally under UV rays.

But it is available to us

Many households today are dealing with the problems hard water can bring — dry skin, stained clothing and even costly appliance buildup. All of these can be reduced or eliminated with the use of water softener salt. Water softener salt is available in salt pellets and salt blocks. These are added as needed to the water softener unit. Pellets are the most commonly used type of water softeners today.

Salt is also used to condition water to keep chlorine levels within appropriate limits in brine pools, and to remove calcium and magnesium deposits from domestic water. These deposits cause hard water to form, which puts a strain on equipment and piping, lowers efficiency and increases repair and replacement costs. There is no doubt that salt will continue to be one of our most essential resources.
block salt
Egypt. Damitta

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Product Information

  • Block Diminution: L = 29 cm, W= 7 cm, H= 7 cm

  • Block weight: 4 KG

  • Bag weight: 8 kg 4 X 2 Blocks

  • Pallet weight: UK 4-way Pallet (Sizes on request).

  • Pallet. 1000 kg – 125 Pak x 8 kg – 24

  • pallet at container 20 feet

  • The number of bags on the pallet, depends on the customer’s request

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