Rock Salt

Marine Raw and Washed salt, Rock salt, deicing salt

Annual production is about 500,000- 600,000 M Ton from our own salines with high purity 99.5% NACL , 1% Moisture produced directly from our own salines

produced directly from our own salines

de-icing salt

de-icing salt is ideal for highways, roads, runways, or any other uses

Rock Salt

Rock Salt is considered to be one of the most efficient and most competitive cost de-icing sodium chloride

available anywhere

We are unique manufacturers and distributors of our own range of Rock Salt products with different grain size

We already export to canada, USA and europe

my Company supplies all commercial grades of Deicing Salt in bulk from Egypt for use in the snow clear of roads, runways and highways

We have all ability and equipment to carry out large contracts from our sight in free zone area in Damietta port , Jerbob port, Egypt

If you ask Samples please send your address

my Company aim to lead exporting the Rock Salt in Egypt.

And We can manage free visit for you to our sights


in Port.

Strategic Salt Supply We also offer the possibility to store your strategic salt stock with us. In this way you can increase your stock without major investments.


Handling process

We have the facilities to produce, process and transport, with the lowest cost and reliable performance.

Siwa oasis

Past performance and references are available. my Company introduced to the market the Egyptian Deicing Salt coming from one of the best spots all over the world which is


Organic Salt

Siwa oasis in Egypt producing a premium grade Egyptian Deicing salt with purity up to 99.5%.

Our mission is to be your quality partner as we promise you with all commitment and top quality level. We aim to long relations with our customers and to consider us as your Egyptian agent.
We understand if you are skeptic, that is why assure you that we will offer all guarantees required from your side.
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